Anil Khatri

I studied in DPS Mathura road from 5th Standard onwards and graduated in 1982. I played Field Hockey for School & Delhi State and was the Games Captain of 82 batch. I came to the US in 1990 for doing my Masters in Electrical Engineering and then went back to India.

I was working in Chennai in Citibank technology for a few years and then decided to move back to the US. Have been in the Bay area since 1998; worked for a number of Technology companies.

Tried a few startups as almost every Techie in the Bay Area does. The last startup I worked for was acquired by Cisco Systems. This is where I currently work. I manage a team that develops and manages virtual storage software for Cisco storage servers.

I have 2 daughters both in IT (Information Technology). My younger daughter is a freshman in UC Santa Cruz (doing Computer Science major) and my older daughter works as a Cloud Software Engineer in Supply Chain Management. I live in Fremont CA with my wife and 2 daughters. We try to visit India once in 2 years as a family.

I love trying different cuisines of food as every Delhi waala does.

I also try to play golf in my free time but not as a professional.

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