DPS World Foundation Launch on 16th Aug. 2015

  Mrs Louise Khurshid, Chairperson, DPS World Foundation introducing the initial
11 school owners, whilst addressing the august gathering.

  Mr Salman Khurshid explaining the vision and need for creation of DPS World

  President Dipsites Association (DPS Alumni) proud with his team:
Deepak Mehta, Manoj Srivastava, PK Singh, Madhu Juneja, Ranjit Vig,
Shibani Taluja, Vipul Suchdeva, Utkarsh Amitabh, Rakesh K Mathur.
Thank you all :-)

President Dipsites Association (DPS Alumni) sharing roadmap to be traversed
in the very near future.

A section of the Ballroom, there were 400 people- almost all of whom were
either Alumni, spouse or parent of a Dipsite. PROUD moment indeed!

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