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Karan Garewal

Karan Garewal (1976, DPS Mathura Rd, CA, CPA, ICWA, ICMA, New York, USA). Raised in South Delhi in an Army family, Karan excelled in his studies at DPS Mathura Rd and the Sri Ram College of Commerce at Delhi University before going on to attain several other degrees and accolades both in India and after emigrating to the United States in the 80s.

He holds a Masters in Commerce, ICMA, ICWA, CPA, CFA & CFP What perhaps has served him more than his degrees are his curiosity, determination, analytical ability, and courage to push the boundaries and take risks. The late 80's saw Karan working in Citibank, as a controller for a mortgage broker, then as an Investment Accountant for Hedge Funds. In 1989, he started investing in real estate and formed WinWin Realty, a boutique real estate firm that specializes in transforming distressed properties into beautiful new homes for families all over the state. Thirty years and hundreds of properties later, Karan still manages a large portfolio of investments and has inducted his daughter into the business.
He lives with his wife (another Dipsite) and daughter in New York and visits his family in India every year.


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