Sangeeta Dhawan, DPS RK Puram 1980

Sangeeta passed out of DPS R K Puram in 1980 and graduated from D.U in 1983, married Raman, and then moved to Libya. She learned Norwegian together with Raman, worked as an assistant teacher at International School in Bergen for a few years, took her 4 years degree (Candidata Magisterii) from the University of Stavanger, (qualifying to work as teacher and Pedagog) where they had moved in 1994.

And was responsible for the project "Forced marriages" from funds from the directorate of Children and Family Welfare for some years before joining as an Advisor to the Dept. of Education, Secondary Schools, in Rogaland County.

She loves to cook food.

They have 2 children; the older one is Nikhil, an MSc in Economics, working in the Ministry of Employment and Welfare, and Nikita, MSc in Economics, working in a Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (NORAD; Business development in developing countries).

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