Dr. Shazia Khan PhD

Shazia Khan stays in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and works as Scientific Editor, Life Sciences Journals, Elsevier.
Shazia grew up in Delhi and was at DPS (Mathura Road) through grades 3-12, passing out of school in 2000. She completed from graduation (B.Sc. Hons in Zoology from Hindu College) and post-graduation (M.Sc. in Biomedical sciences from ACBR) from Delhi University and all thru this time, she stayed with her family.

She did her PhD. In Bio Chemistry / Mol. Biology) from National Institute of Immunology, Delhi and during this time she stayed on campus, but go home every weekend, so it was still like living at home.

After completed her PhD she got married in 2010 in close succession and moved to Boston soon after. In the US, Shazia completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Boston, MA, USA.

She has been in Boston since 2010 and has a 5-year old. Deeply misses her parents who are in Delhi, fortunately she gets to meet them often. Shazia's consistent hobby since childhood is reading and she loves reading fiction. She also like painting/drawing occasionally and like most people enjoys movies and music l!


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