Sumita Vasudeva, DPS MR 1987

She born in New Delhi and lived in Dehradun, Mhow, Pune, Assam, and Simla before my dad retired from the army and settled in Delhi. My mum taught for a brief period at DPS MR (during her Teacher Training). I went to Loreto Convent before joining DPS MR in 1987. I did my undergrad from Delhi University and got involved with a student organization called AIESEC International Inc and eventually got selected (in 1993) to work in their international headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

I contracted with UNESCO in France (in 1995) before working in Hong Kong (in 1996). I changed course in 1997 after studying to be a yoga teacher.

Fellow 2014, Stanford Health 4 All, Stanford University School of Medicine Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, 2002, California College of Ayurveda Master of Yoga 1997 & 2008, International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center BA (Hons) Economics, Delhi University

Family/ passion/ hobby/ etc:-
My parents live in Delhi. My sister lives in Noida and is also a DPS (MR 1988) alumnus. I got married in 1997 to my boyfriend who I had been dating for
3 years! We had a traditional wedding in 1998 before I joined him in California. After I studied Ayurveda, it has been difficult to distinguish my non-working day from my working day! I teach, consult and coach through my company, Omni Wellness. Then I practice what I preach with my family. I have three children who are now 17, 15, and 11. We have a dog, a leopard gecko
and 3 chickens. I love gardening and all things nature...

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