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        1st Career Growth Workshop at DPS Sec-45 Gurgaon
 Contucted by The Dipsites Association on Saturday, 19th July 2014,
 25 Dipsites got together to provide an illuminating inside into the  journey of their careers...
 including three beamed in via video conferencing from overseas.
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Career Dipsite Name
1.  Advertising & Mass Comm.

  Simrat Gulati
2.  Architecture

  Anupama Kohli
3.  Airlines

  Capt. Ranbir Mohan
4.  Banking

  Manav Khurana
5.  Creative Arts

  Rekha B. Agarwal
6.  Chartered Accountancy

  Rajiv Soni
7.  Diamond Merchandising

  Anil Alag
8.  Defence Service

  Col. Rajeev Anand
9.  Events & Public Relations

  Atul Dev
10. Film Making

  Rajesh Khattar
11. Fraud Risk Management

  Rajiv Duggal
12. Global IT

  Manoj Soni
13. Hospitality(Corporate& Overseas)

  Sanjiv Rai
14. Law & Legal Services

  Suman Khaitan
15. Management Consultancy

  Vinayak Vipul
16. Marketing & Management

  Anil Bahadur Mathur
17. Marine Engineering

  Manoj Srivastava
18. Medical- Pharmacy

  Bhanu Dua
19. Medical- Surgery

  Prof. Pawanindra Lal
20. Medical- General

  Dr. Narendra Nath Singh
21. Media & Newspaper

  Ravindra Kumar
22. Motivation & Leadership

  Sunil Gupta
23. Restaurants/Hospitality

  Rajesh Chugh
24. Travel Trade

  Ranjit Vig

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