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This series of ALMA TALKS Shows features DPS Alumni settled overseas for several years...their mindset when they left India, and their mindset today.

The reasons why they left India, the challenges they encountered overseas, how their families coped and their thoughts on relocating to India. The show gets around to questions enabling an insight into their journey to a foreign land... feeling of visiting a foreign land- was it fabulous? The clean roads they saw as we see in movies, the sparse population, fresh air, crystal blue skies and shiny snow-clad mountains, the grocery and food at supermarkets of the highest quality...Was it a dream come true? But, did they miss the services of house maid in India? The festivals? The bonhomie and camaraderie with people they grew up with? Do they think of relocating? What with the Indian economy growing at a rapid pace, there are ample of job prospects within the country- would they advocate starting afresh with all kind of odd jobs in an unknown land?

Besides, as we grow older, the desire to be close to our kith and kin only increase with passing time; the thought of leaving aged parents alone and somewhat helpless, haunts. So how have they kept contact with India- their parents, friends, hometown...?

Purpose, Target audience: For a generic yet invaluable Talk show like
Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani, target audience is like that for a film containing a perspective, a journey, a character’s arc, and will appeal to a large segment of the population, must touch a cord or two in every heart, resonate with people from 16 to 60. Or even 80.

A PbdhH talk will differ from a Talk on art, or employable skills or career options; differ in terms of purpose, target audience, content, message.

Talk 6 Featuring Brij Raj Bhalla, Prabudha Pal

Talk 5 Featuring Juhi Neyland, Dr. Dipankar Bose   Video

Talk 4 Featuring Anu Goswamy Seam, Vivek Misra   Video

Talk 3 Featuring Dr. Arvind Mahajan, Karan Garewal   Video

Talk 2 Featuring Sanjiv Suri, Vivek Tawadey    Video

Talk 1 Featuring Rajesh Chadha, Anil Alagh    Video


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